Ferret Shelters In Australia

Are you looking for ferret shelters in Australia so you can adopt a ferret?

Below I have listed the most established ferret shelters that are located in Australia.

Over the past 10 years or so, I have noticed a lot of people dabbling in rescuing ferrets and setting up shelters however something always seems to go wrong and they end up closing up shop. Which is very unfortunate (its a tough gig!).  At the same time I am grateful that we have a few bigger ones that have been around for years and are committed to rescuing ferrets and finding them new forever homes. We are very fortunate as there are countries around the world that don't have established shelters yet. 

If one of these shelters is not located near you then I would suggest giving the closest one a call as they may have some information on some people in your area that are associated with the ferret shelter who may have some ferrets for adoption. Give them a buzz and have a chat to them :)

Ferret Shelters In Australia

Australian Capital Territory

(You need a licence to own a ferret in ACT)

Ferret Society of Canberra: (Are currently an information service only, due to not enough carers)

Website – ferretclub.org.au

Phone – 0428-746-620

Email – mail@ferretclub.org.au

For adoptions contact RSPCA ACT     

New South Wales

NSW Ferret Welfare Society:

Website – ferret.org.au

Email – info@ferret.org.au

Postal Address –

PO Box 1453 Dee Why NSW 2099



Victorian Ferret Welfare Society:

Website – vicferrets.org.au

Rescuers/Carers –

-Andrew(Ballarat and District) 0428-443-981

-Hayley(East/South east) 0417-562-521

-Wayne (East) 0407-093-783

-Jodie (Western Suburbs) 0437-092-003


Western Australia

Western Australian Ferret & Ferreting Society:

Website – waffs.org.au

Email – rescue@waffs.org.au

Contact number – 1300-133-323