Ferret Trivia
Test Your Ferret Knowledge!

To celebrate the Launch of the new 'Ferret Facts & Trivia eBook we hosted a live Ferret Trivia night on our Facebook page. It was really fun and a great way to learn about ferrets.  

There were three prizes to win:

1. Yearly Ferret-World.com Membership worth $120 - this includes access to the online platform with useful resources + a yearly subscription to the Dook Dook Ferret Magazine and access to the Ferret-World Members Support group on Facebook!

2. A book by Seth Pywell called F3 Training System For Ferret, Mink And Other Mustelids worth over $40

3. A copy of the NEW 'Ferret Facts & Trivia' eBook worth $7


The winners of the Ferret Trivia Night are:

1. Myra Felicia Velkamp

2. Karma Drury

3. Emily Palmer

If you are one of the winners be sure to contact us to claim your prizes. 

The Answers to the
Ferret Trivia Night

Want to learn more ferret facts?

You can visit the ferret facts page on this website, purchase the new 'Ferret Facts & Trivia' eBook and join the Ferret-World Membership to receive the monthly digital magazine Dook Dook Ferret Magazine in which we cover a variety of topics to help you keep ferrets happier and healthier.