Ferret Documentary
'Ferrets: The Pursuit Of Excellence'

A ferret documentary about the relationship between carers and their animals.  

In this ferret documentary a lady says:

'Ferret people, I tend to think of them as a kind of alternative - people who don't follow mainstream, who are willing to try things different.'

I would have to agree with this. We are crazy, unique, beautiful, big hearted people who go a bit koo-koo over our cat-snakes, and that is just the way it should be. 

Ferrets add so much joy and love into our lives which is evident in this ferret documentary. It's interesting to see the lengths other ferret carers are willing to go to for their fur babies. 

It also makes me feel better knowing that there are others out there who are as crazy as me. Who make up songs about their ferrets, smother them with kisses and come up with creative ways to entertain them

It is also interesting to see how other ferret carers house their ferrets, what cage setups they have and the play areas create

The above song from the ferret documentary will forever stick in my mind and if I ever have children I will be sure to sing it to them as a goodnight lullaby...but in the meantime I intend to sing it to Yuki :)

The stigma of being a ferret lover

One thing that really stood out to me in this documentary was the fact that a lot of these people have been judged by non-ferrety people for being different and unique because they kept ferrets as pets. 

Some of them have had to defend their choices to keep ferrets as pets as non-ferrety people think the animals are 'eeewww' or they stink or bite. Hopefully with more education we can change peoples perspectives and help them understand the ferrets a bit better. 

Maybe with time this stigma will go away. In the meantime we all have our wonderful ferrety community to find support in!

Ferret Intelligence

I love how in the ferret documentary the carers talk about how intelligent the animals are. More and more studies demonstrate ferrets incredible ability to problem solve (similar to that of a cat or a dog). The studies are fairly recent but ferret people have always known for this to be true. That is one of the reasons we love them!

"They are extremely intelligent. They're problem solvers. They're almost analytical, and they're persistent.'

Thieving ferrets... 

One of the funniest parts of the ferret documentary is when the ferrets steal items out of the clothes basket and the people describe all the things their ferrets have stolen from them...ahhh so familiar. So funny ;)

"I had underwear missing."

"I had socks missing."

"I had shorts missing."

"One of his nicknames was 'Dirty old man' [...]" - because the ferret liked anything with elastic, whether it was underwear, boxers or bras. 

"I've lost newspapers."

"I've lost articles of clothing."

And the list goes on and on and on... 

I learned something new...

"Butt planing" - when a ferret plants it's butt in your hand while you are holding it (while it's feet are above it's butt on your other hand) because it looks like they are a butt plane (?). Apparently this is a common term in the ferret community but it is the first time I ever heard about it! How could I miss such an awesome term? I feel like a noob. 

You learn something new every day...even if it is years too late. I now wish I watched this ferret documentary sooner!

'Ferret Butt Planing'...it's a thing! Seriously!

Ferret community

One thing I have known for a while is just how extraordinary the ferret community is. I've made some incredible friends through it. One of the things I most like about keeping ferrets as pets is the amazing community. It is like we are one big happy (completely nuts) family...and I love it!

In this ferret documentary the ferret community is mentioned over and over and it is evident how significant the support and ferrethood has become in these peoples lives. I feel the same way. The ferret community is a wonderful thing to be a part of. I don't even think other animal carers have the type of wonderful community that ferret owners have. It must be something to do with the wonderful slinky animals we all love...maybe they have some kind of magic powers or something? That would explain why we are all so hypnotised by them...hmmmm. 

Ferrets are natural antidepressants 

As ferret carers there is one thing that we all know...you can never be sad (for long) around a ferret. No matter how miserable your day at work may have been, as soon as you get home and get your fur-monsters out to play, you will be delighted with their dooks, antics and crazy war dancing. 

Throughout the ferret documentary you will be constantly reminded about the immense joy ferret owners experience thanks to their beautiful, fur babies. 

It's amazing seeing grown adults playing 'choo-choo' with their ferrets in laundry baskets.

I guess ferrets take us back to a time that was more innocent and playful. They invoke a sense of fun into our lives that may not have been there otherwise. 

Sometimes they can be a little difficult to take care of but it is all worth it for the smiles and the laughs they give us on a daily basis. 

I guess that is why they take a piece of our hearts when they pass over to rainbow bridge...

The heartbreak of experiencing one of your ferrets dying...

It hurts! It hurts so much. 

The pain is real. All ferret owners either will or have experienced the death of a ferret. One of the curses of ferret ownership is their painfully short lives. 

Often, within the ferret community we discuss how we look forward to one day crossing the Rainbow Bridge and meeting all our little fur angels again. 

One thing is for sure, if you bond with your ferret then you will experience the heartbreak of their passing as they leave an empty hole where they once were. 

The ferret documentary covers this topic so wonderfully and really captures the essence of how much ferrants love their furbabies. It's sad to watch. It will remind you of the babies you have lost.

However, the heartbreak we all experience is a testament to the wonderful relationships and bonds we have with our ferrets. 

Also, I have also really admired the fact that ferret owners are so brave to openly mourn "an animal". Most people are scared to show their emotions when one of their pets passes over, but within the ferret community we have created a safe space, an understanding space for those who are going through this tough time. We understand because we have all been though the same experience. 

We understand that these little fur-snakes are not just "an animal" but that they are also a part of our families. In fact, we often spend more time with them then we do with our human friends and families. 

I love that we are brave enough to openly mourn them. I love that we support each other through this tough time. I love that we are there for each other during the hardships. 

I really hope that one day more people are brave enough to cry over their beloved animal family members when they pass over to the rainbow bridge. 

Now...excuse me while I go hug my little Yuki...

The Buckeye Bash Ferret Show is on my bucket list.

I've heard about this show for years and have been extremely envious of the people that get to attend it. I have made myself a promise that one day I will travel over to the U.S. to attend it. One of these days I will be there!

In the meantime I'll keep saving my pennies. 

It was incredible watching what goes on at the show. I never realised it was so full on and that people would get so into showing and judging their ferrets! It has inspired me further to attend one of the events one day. I need to see what goes on with my own eyes. 

Overall review of the ferret documentary...

It's entertaining. It's wonderful to see the special relationship humans have with their ferrets. It is definitely worth a watch.

However, as this documentary was made a few years back, some information may be outdated. So just keep that in mind.

Also, please don't get tempted to breed your ferrets. Proper breeding requires knowledge on how to do it properly. We have enough back yard breeders out there who have no idea what they are doing and are ruining the genetic gene pool through inbreeding and other stupid, uneducated practices.

The ferrets suffer as a result and a lot of them end up in ferret shelters (which are often bursting at the seams). I believe there is a place for good breeders who know what they are doing but it's not for everyone, so please don't do it. 

Enjoy watching the ferret documentary below