Ferret going around in circles digging up its litter tray - Funny!

This is probably one of the funnier videos I have seen of a ferret going around in circles in its litter tray...what on earth is it doing? Crazy little fert! ;)

The lovely Sue Hyde shared this video with us as part of the 'Ferret-World Superstar' competition. Here is what she had to say:

"Molly was a rescue found wandering around the streets of Hull East Yorkshire. She is a fun and bouncy girl and has 2 sisters, Belle and Jasmine, whom she loves to Dook with. I think she is around 3 years old and I made her Hoover up the mess she made after this Video. lol!"

Check out the ferret going round in circles video below (I guarantee it will make you laugh!):

If you have a video of your ferret that you'd like to submit to the 'Ferret-World Superstar' video competition for a chance to win some incredible prizes then please do so here. 

We would love to see your videos!

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