Ferrets playing in snow - this is what true happiness looks like. 

These ferrets playing in snow are the definition of happiness!

Had a bad day? Need a little bit of a pick-me-up? Want something to make you smile? 

Then this is definitely the video for you to watch. 

I just love how much these ferrets enjoy playing with each other in the snow. 

Ferrets are highly intelligent animals and they love to keep their minds active via playtime. Not only does a good playtime stimulate their brains but it also gets them in a happy mood!

A ferret that does not have its mind stimulated on a regular basis through:

can get bored and depressed. So it always makes me happy to see ferrets playing happily. A playful ferret is also one of the signs of good health and high spirits!

But you know what makes me even happier?

Seeing owners having a great time watching their fuzzbutts play!

The owners in this video seem to be having a blast watching their ferrets playing in the snow. You just can't help but laugh along with them and get excited when one of the ferrets pounces on another. 

It's superb!

Unfortunately it is very unlikely that my ferrets will ever experience snow as we live in Australia (away from the snowy mountains) so I always get a little jealous when I see people sharing videos of their ferrets playing in the snow...but we always manage to find a nice beach to take them too! ;P

Watch gorgeous, fluffy, bouncy ferrets playing in snow in the video below:

Video via Coral Babet on YouTube.

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