Ferrets stealing stuff - is there anything they won't go for?

Why do ferrets steal stuff? The answer ferrets stealing stuff is simple. They are naturally born Kleptomaniacs. Even the name "ferret" is derived from the Latin word 'furittus', meaning "little theif".  

Kleptomania is the inability to refrain from the urge to steal items and is done for reasons other than personal use.

But on a serious and more scientific note...wild polecats or stoats (cousins of the domesticated ferrets) will often stash their prey once they kill it, to prevent other animals from stealing it. So the general consensus is that ferrets have retained that stashing quality as part of their natural instincts.  

For example, according to Wikipedia a European Polecat "occasionally cripples its prey by piercing its brain with its teeth and stores it, still living, in its burrow for future consumption." 


So that has really got me thinking of all the times my ferrets would grab my finger and attempt to drag me into their hidey holes...would they have pierced my brain and let me die slowly as part of their plan for world domination? Dun dun duuuuunnnnn!

Naaaaaahh they would never do that right? Right?! ;P

Another possible explanation could be when mother ferrets stash their youngsters (kits) in their nests to keep them warm, do a head count and keep them safe. 

I'm sure this is what my ferrets were doing instead. They probably thought I was their baby...right?! ;P

Either way, ferrets have a very strong stashing and hiding instinct. Possibly coupled with a bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...because anyone who has cleaned out a ferret hidey hole before knows how worried they look while trying to run around and recover their precious (usually some kind of rubbish) belongings. 

A natural instinct for them is a lot of entertainment for us. Check out the video below to check out some of the things ferrets like to steal. 

By the way...the funniest thing I have seen is a photo of a ferret stealing a big dildo. 

But on an even funnier note, I just had a lady from the Ferret-World community say that her ferret used to steal condoms and she swears that her daughter is a "because of someones tiny teeth" LOL!

This is real though...


Side affects of ferrets stealing may cause:

Being late to work (because your ferrets stole your keys), temporary dementia like symptoms (due to the fact that they mess with your head "I swear I put my shoes over there, but they are no longer there!") and ferret planned pregnancy. 


So on that note...if there is anything that you do not want your ferrets stealing, if you wish to avoid the side affects of ferrets stealing stuff, then hide anything you don't want them to steal really well. 

(I hope you laughed at all of this as much as I have. Bloody hell ferrets are funny buggers!)

Check out these ferrets stealing stuff!

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