21 Ferrets sticking tongues out at you

1. Ferrets sticking tongues out at you

There are some ferrets that simply look adorable no matter if they are being rude. This is one of them :)

2. Let me lick you!

Sorry buddy...you look like a sloppy kisser ;)

3. Half asleep tongue action

Is it comfortable sleeping like that? I may need to give it a go next time I go to sleep ;)

4. Team spirit

I swear the ferret behind the one sticking its tongue out is in on the joke.It looks like it smirking to itself...

5. Picture perfect

Such a poser!

6. Don't you just want to touch it?

There is just something satisfying about getting to touch a ferrets tongue and this one is screaming to be touched! ;)

7. So messy

This one is not as photogenic as the others. Better luck next time buddy ;)

8. Cool Cat-sausage

This one stepped right off the set of 'Grease'. 

Go grease lightning, you're burning up the quarter mile
(Grease lightning, go grease lightning)
Go grease lightning, you're coasting through the heat lap trials
(Grease lightning, go grease lightning)
You are supreme, the chicks"ll are cream for Greased lightning
(Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go)

9. Just leave me alone

Ok...no need to be so rude!

10. Don't interrupt me

Hey...I don't blame you! I don't like people interrupting my meal either!

11. Cute!

Even though ferrets sticking tongues out at you is a bit rude (not really) this one is simply adorable. It can stick its tongue out at me any time!

12. Dental check

All teeth appear to be healthy :)

13. Sneaky ferret tongue

That's very cute ;)

14. Sleepy sneaky tongue

"Just letting it hang"

15. Snoring

Another tongue I just want to touch!

16. Myyyyy what a long tongue you have!

Could beat the wolf from little red riding hood with that tongue!

17. Annoying sibling

There is always that one in the family that will go out of his/her way to annoy you for their own entertainment...

18. Sneaky tongue

This is what a ferret tongue looks like from the side...in case you were wondering ;)

19. Caught red handed

You know when you get caught doing something and all you can think of doing in return is sticking out your tongue? That is what this picture looks like!

20. Tongue flapping in the wind

This tongue is like a flag flapping in the wind ;)

21. Ferret mouth anatomy

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a ferrets mouth looks like? Well, no need to wonder any longer. You're welcome. 

What would all these ferrets sound like? Check out the video below to find out! :)

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