Is this a cute ticklish baby ferret or an annoyed baby ferret?

Here is a cute ticklish baby ferret which (my guesstimate) is probably around 5 weeks old (I'm hoping it has not been taken away from its mother at this tender age...however I can't assume this just from 1 video). 

I believe it is the same ferret that I posted a few days ago...the adorable video where it war danced for the first time adorable! According to Bianca Douglas, who's channel I got the video from, this baby's name is 'Cougar' (cute ferret name!).

However, is this a cute ticklish baby ferret or is it an annoyed baby ferret? At first it would seem that it is an innocent little ferret belly scratch or tickle but as the video goes on you notice that the tone of the ferrets noises starts to change to a slightly more frustrated little ferret. As if he is calling out "Enough! I've had enough!" or "I don't like this, put me down!". 

Obviously the person tickling the baby ferret is being very gentle, he is not trying to hurt the it in any way shape or form and he does put the ferret down after the pitch of the little voice goes up at one point. So it seems he recognised that the baby had enough, which is great! 

The reason why I wanted to post this video on my website is:

1. The baby ferret is very cute

2. You can learn what a 5-6 week (I think its closer to being a 5 week old ferret though...they grow a lot in a old do you think it is?) old ferret looks like.

3. You can learn more about ferret behaviour when watching this video. 

4. It is very cute...did I say that already?

5. I also don't think that the way the man is handling his ferret is all that bad. 

You see...

He is obviously trying to make the cute ticklish baby ferret make noises for the camera but as soon as the ferret sounds obviously agitated he stops...which is a very good thing! However the good part is that this baby ferret is being handled. The more baby ferret's get handled the better adults they become :)

A little bit of rough housing, lots of handling and sometimes holding a baby ferret for longer then what it wants to be, can actually help train a ferret to be better behaved as an adult. 

With any animal that I have ever gotten I've always roughed them up a bit, played with them lots, pushed their limits ever so slightly to try to make them as bomb proof as possible...and the result? No one has ever been bitten, purposefully scratched or been even a tiny bit aggressive towards vets, friends or the general public (apart from that one time when Binxi was a baby and bit an older lady's ankle...but she was still a youngster then and quickly learned not to do that again). 

If we really want ferrets to be good animal citizens its good to make them as bomb proof and patient as possible. And that is why even though I find this video cute but cringe worthy at the same time, I also think it is not too bad to handle a baby ferret in this way occasionally.

Cheers to bomb proof, well behaved adult ferrets! :)

Watch the cute ticklish baby ferret video below :)

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