Enter The Viral Ferret Video Competition To Win Special Prizes!

Hey farents!

Do you have a video of your ferret/s that you think is superstardom worthy?

Does your video fall into one of the categories below?

  • Extremely funny - has the potential to make a lot of people laugh.
  • Super cute - makes people want to cry from cuteness overload.
  • Shows how intelligent ferrets are - demonstrates ferrets intellectual abilities.  
  • Shows the special bond between you and your ferret - showcases how loving and beautiful ferrets are. 
  • Entertaining in any way - people love watching your video and end up with a smile on their faces. 

If so then you could be in for a chance to win some great prizes!

Read on..

If you believe you could have the next ferrety viral video then you need to enter the competition below.

The Prizes

Phase 1. Ferret-World eBook bundle - any video that gets selected to be featured on the Ferret-World.com YouTube channel and website will receive a free Ferret-World eBook Bundle (valued at $51). The ebook bundle includes:

  1. 101 Ferret Games and Homemade Ferret Toys 
  2. Warm & Fuzzy: Ferret Stories To Warm Your Heart And Soul
  3. Poop Patrol: Stop Your Ferret Pooping Everywhere

Phase 2.
$500 cash (for you) and $500 to donate to your favourite ferret shelter! 

At the end of the year a winner will be selected from all the videos that have been featured on the Ferret-World.com website. The Grand Prize winner will be announced on the 31st Dec 2015. 

The Grand Prize winner will be judged on the amount of shares, likes and views the video received + a panel of judges will be selected to choose the winner. 

Other reasons why you should enter your video:

  • Great prizes and make a difference to a ferret shelter ! - Not only do you get a chance to win amazing Ferret-World.com ebooks and $500 cash for yourself. If you win you will also get to help a ferret shelter receive $500 in cash to help with their day to day running costs (food, toys, blankets, vet bills, etc). 
  • Your video will reach a much wider audience! If you are selected to be featured on the Ferret-World YouTube channel your video will be shown to over 20,000 subscribers + nearly 40,000 Facebook followers + visitors of the Ferret-World website. So your ferret will become an instant superstar!
  • Raising awareness on ferrets - let's face it. There are a lot of misconceptions on ferrets out in the non-ferrety world. Most people think they are vicious rodents but that could not be further from the truth! Entering your video means that more people will be able to see just how wonderful ferrets are and we will be able to help people treat them better. Ferrets deserve to be treated with respect!

How To Enter:

Simply fill out the form below with all the details requested (so we are able to contact you) and with a story about the ferret/s in your video (which we will feature along side your video - this is a must!) and upload your video file. Also please read through the terms and conditions under the form. 

If you are having trouble uploading the file to the form above please send it to FerretWorld1@gmail.com along with your story.

Thank you and good luck!

Terms and Conditions:

USER AGREEMENT By entering the competition you are deemed to have read and understood these Terms & Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

2. The video that you submit must be owned by you. It must be original footage filmed by you. By submitting your footage you give us permission to use it on our social media channels and website.

All footage used must be original work. Any music and images used must be appropriately credited/acknowledged. All music & images used must be accompanied with the appropriate permissions and clearances. All music and images must be original, permitted or copyright-free. It is the entrant’s responsibility to ensure they do not infringe (including but not limited to) the copyright or intellectual property of another person, group or entity. Music and images on the web cannot be used without first obtaining the appropriate permission from the owner. If an entrant obtains permission from the copyright owner to use copyrighted music or images, evidence of such permission must be provided to the Promoter (see the competition flyer for more details). All entrants must ensure that there are no corporate names or logos used in the video; this includes anyone wearing and/or displaying corporate names or logos. Entrants are advised to remove or obscure labels/brand names for any commercial products used in their videos. The competition winner will be selected by a panel determined by the Promoter and will be based on the creativity, relevance and originality of the entry. The panel’s decision will be final and no further correspondence will be entered into. The names of the prize winners will be published on the Promoter’s website.

All content submitted to Ferret-World will remain under the ownership of the entrant, however by submitting your video to the contest, you hereby grant Ferret-World with a nonexclusive, royalty-free license to use and distribute the content through its service.

3. By entering this competition you warrant that you:

(a) Have the permission of your parent or guardian if you are under the age of 18;

(b) Are an individual and not a company or organisation;

(c) You may enter the competition multiple times;

(d) Agree to receive future communication from Ferret-World via the supplied email, with the option to 'unsubscribe' at any time.