Are they good with other pets?

by Amy Fraser
(Sedro-Woolley, Wa)

Okay I am seriously considering on getting a ferret. But my older sister has a male Kitty, Piglet. He is a sweet cat. I used to have a puppy and he got along with him great. At 1st he stayed away but warmed up to the puppy. But I dont know much about ferrets and how THEY take to other animals. I know after a week my sisters kitty will warm up to the ferret but I was just wondering how will the ferret react and if they will be okay. Is it better if I get a female or a another male?

Hi Amy,
Hmmm...this is a bit of a tough question as the answer depends on a few different factors. Firstly, you cant really determine what your future ferrets personality will be like, secondly even though cats might get along with other animals they may not be so keen on ferrets...

I just recently moved into a share house with my ferrets and one of my house mates has a cat... turns out the cat wants nothing to do with the ferrets and seriously freaks out when they are to close.

So basicly, if you do get a ferret I would suggest that you slowly introduce them to each other, don't force it and don't expect that they will get along straight away or at all, always supervise them, if any of them don't get along then make sure the ferret still has separate play time.

You just never really know how their relationship will turn out. They might hate each others guts or they might become best friends?!!!

I know that some ferrets do get along very well with cats and dogs but most of the time they have been raised together. There are exceptions off course.

As too which ferret is better...male or female? It is totally up to you. It should not make that much of a difference. The main thing is to make sure you educate yourself on keeping ferrets as pets and keeping them healthy as a bit more care is required for them, then for cats and dogs.

Hope this helps. :)

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