Baby Ferrets - some interesting facts

Baby Ferrets

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Here are some interesting facts on ferret babies!

  • Kits are born completely helpless and dependent on their mothers (jills) for survival

  • There are normally from 6-10 Kits to each litter

  • A Kit should not be separated from its mother until it is at least 8 weeks old, some breeders wait 12 weeks.

  • Their eyes and ears are sealed shut which makes them blind and deaf

  • There is a tiny amount of fluff that covers their whole bodies

  • A new born Kit is smaller than a tube of lipstick

  • They typically weigh 6-12grams

  • Most are born without teeth

  • Baby incisor teeth typically appear by day 10

  • As soon as they are born the Kits latch onto one of mum’s nipples and gorge themselves on rich milk

  • A well fed Kits should gain around 2.5-3 grams of weight per day during the first week of life

  • Kits double their weight by day 5

  • They wriggle around a lot in order to explore their surroundings and develop their tiny muscles

  • They can recognise mamma ferret through their sense of smell

  • During the first few weeks’ Kits need to be stimulated by their mum to go to the bathroom

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