*Baxter Mitchell*

by Shauna
(Scottsdale, AZ)

Baxter wasn't my little boy, he belonged to my son, Dana.
I wanted to send them both my love.
Dana has had, and loved, Many fuzzies, beginning with our first two- Corky and Marlee, when he was just a toddler.
He's now a grown man, with a home and family of his own, which includes his long-time fuzzy partner-in-crime, Travis.
Dana has taken in several ferrets over the years that have been in need of a good home, and has cared for them all with love, until their time came to cross the rainbow bridge.
Sadly, the little fuzzbutts he has taken into his home and heart, weren't in their youth, or in the best physical health, and he has had to say good-bye, more than once.
Baxter passed Tuesday peacefully in his sleep. He had been diagnosed with adrenal disease, his age was unknown.
Dana lovingly called him- My little Golden Boi.
The first ferret Dana got on his own, Travis, (or Travie as he calls him) is now around 7 years old. Happily, and Thankfully, he's spunky as ever, healthy, and doing great...(and will probably be welcoming a new little brother or sister fuzzbutt in the near future) =D

Dana, Baxter was so lucky to have you and Travis...celebrate all the wonderful memories of him, and always keep him in your heart.

*Also DIP...Bonnie, Clyde, Penelope, Rocky & Slinky.

We Love you! Sha <3
and Syd, J.J., Rylie-George & Zeek-a-Boo

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