Biting. Do we give him away?!

by Joe Chiarella
(Cordova, TN USA)

Hi, my wife, Annberly, and I just got a 4 month old ferret boy yesterday and he like to bite and is not at all interested in us. What can we do?! It's Thanksgiving and we might take him back to the pet store tomorrow if we don't know what to do. Please help!

Hi Joe,

I'm so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the little guy. Unfortunately young ferrets do tend to bite. With the proper TLC and training they do get better when they mature.

Also, take into consideration that the poor little fellow is probably feeling the same way about you and your wife. He has just been taken away from an environment he feels comfortable in, is dealing with strangers (you and your wife) and he is still a baby!

Unfortunately it does take longer then 24hrs for a ferret or any animal for that matter to get accustomed to their new environment and companions.

With this little guy you will just have to be patient and let him know that he is safe with you (if you have not already given him away).

Let this be a lesson to anyone considering getting a ferret or any type of animal as a pet. Do your research first!!!

It is unfair on animals to be put in such stressful situations and it is hard on you too. Ferrets are also fairly high maintenance even though they look so cute and fluffy...and all the ferret owners I know dedicate hours each day spending time with their ferrets and training them. It is not easy.

However once you get accustomed to ferrets they are the most gorgeous animals to be around, providing you with countless hours of fun and entertainment!

If you are looking for a pet that takes little or no effort I would suggest a goldfish...but your research before you get one of those too...

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