Blocked Siliva Duct

by Jim Macari

Has anyone experienced a block siliva gland that produces a fluid sac at or around the jawbone. We had a vet do an operation that was to create an opening so that the blocked siliva would escape into the mouth and be swallowed. But the fluid sac constantly fills and enlarges and we are having to have it drained by needle once a week.

Are there any suggestions etc.


Hi Jim,

I have not heard of this type of condition before. I feel sorry for the ferret as well as for your wallet as I imagine it would be very expensive to keep visiting the vet.

Have you had a second opinion? Perhaps you could see another exotic pet expert (someone who specializes in ferrets)and see what they might recommend.

Also, maybe give your local ferret welfare society a call to see if maybe they have heard of similar cases. They may have a few suggestions for you.

If anyone reading this has had a similar experience with their ferret then please leave a comment. We would love to find out how you handled the situation.

Give us an update on this sometime Jim. It would be great to find out how you and your ferret are managing with this condition.


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