ferret changing colour?!?

by elisha
(dallas, tx)

my ferret has changed from stable colour to DEW.....why? is she ok? what can I do for her?

ANSWER: Hi Elisha,

Ferrets do tend to change color from one season to another as their winter coats start to grow. I find that my ferrets turn a much lighter color in winter and then get darker in summer.

Check if the fur has gotten thicker with a soft undercoat...this normally means that they are growing a winter coat (They also start to look like they are getting fat all of a sudden!). My fuzzbutts are all shedding their fur at the moment and comparing how fat they looked in winter I feel like they are looking super scrawny now! haha :)

Hope this helps and if you don't think this is the reason your ferret is changing color then I would suggest taking it to the vet to get it checked out.

GoodLuck :)


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