Ferret fleas

by phil

Just adopted 2 ferrets from the rspca,a female albino and a male chocolate,they are fantastic but they have fleas.

I have bathed them in a ferret safe flea control shampoo but would like to treat them properly.A friend who has kept ferrets for a few years says that he uses frontline for cats at half dosage,is this ok? I dont want to do anything that could do them harm


ANSWER: Hi Phil, congratulations on becoming a ferret daddy!

Ahhh yes...ferrets and fleas. Oh the joy...not.

The adult cat and dog doses are way too strong for ferrets and definitely not recommended.

I was told by my ferret specialist to use the puppy and kitten version and only give them half a dose.

This is much more appropriate for ferrets. You may want to tell your friend about this too. :)

Right before you give them the dose on the back of their neck (just above their shoulder blades) make sure you bath them again. Then dry them and once they are compleately dry put the frontline on.

Also make sure the bedding in their cage is washed and clean as otherwise their may be some fleas or their eggs in it. This could start the cycle up again...and you definitely don't want that!

I hate it when my ferrets get fleas! Good luck. :)

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


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