Ferret Diarrhea - serious threat.

Ferret diarrhea could be a sign that something’s wrong with your fuzzy.

When you scoop the poop from your ferrets litter tray be sure to take a good look each time. Accustom yourself with what normal poop looks like so that you have greater chances of recognizing a problem when it arises.

Normal ferret poop is slightly soft but still has form to it.

Diarrhea can be life threatening because of the dehydration a ferret experiences with this condition. It does not take much time to seriously affect an animal as small as a ferret.

The causes of ferret diarrhea can include:

• Something it ate
• Stress
• Intestinal blockage (see ferret diseases)
• Viruses
• Parasites
• Bacteria
• Gastrointestinal irritation

If you find diarrhea in your ferret’s cage then be sure to scoop some up and take a sample to the vet for testing. Make sure your ferret is drinking plenty of water (if not take it to the vet - they might need to give it a drip).

Some causes of diarrhea include:

Epizootic Catarrhal Enteritis (E.C.E Virus) – This is a highly contagious diarrheal virus which attacks the ferrets intestinal lining. This in turn causes poor nutrient and fluid absorption which can result in severe dehydration, anorexia and sometimes death. This virus is also referred to as green slime.

The symptoms include vomiting and green diarrhea.

Avoid all contact with other ferrets and wash your hands before and after touching the affected animal. It is also wise to change your clothes after handling the sick ferret.

E.C.E is more of a serious concern for older ferrets and ferrets with poor immune systems. However, if a younger ferret gets E.C.E and it is treated properly then it will develop a long-lasting immunity to this virus (I guess its not all bad).

Intestinal Blockage (see ferret diseases)

Enteritis – This causes bloody poop and diarrhea, especially in warm weather.The symptoms can also include weight loss.Take your ferret to the vet immediately

If a ferret experiences severe or chronic diarrhea for prolonged periods of time it can cause a prolapsed rectum. If the ferrets anus is protruding or irritated, let the vet examine it.

Take care of your baby and don’t ignore signs of sickness.

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