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Ferret in hammock

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Any experienced ferret owner will know that owning a ferret means needing to learn the ferret owner vocabulary in order to know what other ferret owners are talking about.Thus the idea of putting this ferret dictionary together.

The dictionary will get you up to speed on the ferret lingo and make you sound like a ferret pro! Have fun learning all the different words used in the ferret world.

Words to describe ferrets:

Thieves, thieve, fuzzbutt, fuzzy, furkid, ferts, weasel, slinky, fuzzies, speedbump, furrets, furbabies, stinki, ratsnake, carpet shark, carpet snake, ferries, dook dooks, tube shark, land piranhas, land otter, wombatbums, ferretius maximus, stinkus maximus, babies.

You can always combine any of these words for example:
stinki babies, slinky speedbump carpet sharks

In a sentence:

What you might find yourself calling them instead:
Evil little monster thieves, devil incarnet, devil, stink-rat, cheeky bugger, STOPEATINGMYNECKLACE!!!, toe addicts, mummy’s furry kiddies, NOTTHETOES...NOT THE TOES, oi get out of there!, GET OFF THE TABLE!, stop-scaling-me, I-was-eating-that, poop machines, bloody ferrets, F#@*% ferrets,minions, come here you rotten #@$%* and give me my keys!, and other various swear words – all in a loving context offcourse (most of the time).

Other words you should know in the ferret vocabulary as part of the ferret dictionary:

  • Dooking
    The word that describes the sounds that ferrets make during play and when they are happy.

  • Scream or screech
  • The sound that ferrets make when they are suddenly scared of something or startled.

  • Hiss
  • The sound a ferret makes when they are pissed off at you, your partner, other ferrets, other animals, a situation they find themselves in or when they are tired or grumpy or simply have not gotten their way or your attention the way they had hoped too...

  • Brat Stage
  • The ferret version of the 'terrible two's'. Yep even ferrets go through this.

  • Weasel War Dance
  • The crazy behaviour ferrets display when they are particularly playful and happy eg. bouncing sideways, jumping around like crazy, bumping into things, rolling onto their backs, rolling around while they trash their heads around and trying to catch their feet...you will know when you see it. It is highly amusing!

  • Ferret Dead Sleep/ Dead Ferret Sleep
  • A deep sleep some ferrets enter that makes them seem as if they are dead
  • D.I.P
  • Dook In Peace (instead of Rest In Peace or R.I.P) for when a ferret passes to Rainbow Bridge.

  • Scruffing
  • When you hold a ferret by the skin of its neck either when they have been naughty, at the vets or when you are trying to clip their nails or clean their ears.

  • Ferret Math
  • When you suddenly find your ferrets multiplying eg. I said I would only have 2 ferrets but ended up getting 4!Don’t kid yourself...ferrets are addictive (some compare them to shoes) you can’t stop at just one!

  • Nutrigel, Ferretone
  • Various supplements owners give their ferrets on occasion eg. put them on their bellies while they clip their nails.

  • Farents
  • Ferret parents, people with ferrets

  • Owned
  • A person who succumbs to a ferret or something that a ferret has done...

  • Kibble/dry food
  • Dry food that a ferret eats (meat based)

  • Duck Soup
  • A special soup that a farent makes for their babies as a food when they are sick or for a treat...there are many recipes! (normally does not include duck).

  • Nom noms
  • Food treats

  • Hammock/ Hammy
  • A hammock in which they sleep.

  • Blanky/ wubbie
  • Their blankets in which they cuddle up in and sleep.

  • Bedding
  • Blankets, hammocks anywhere they may sleep.

  • Nook
  • A dark place where they sleep or like to discover.

  • Hidey Hole/Treasure Chest
  • A place in which your ferret/s hide anything they steal from you, it tends to be the same place or places

  • Ferret proofing
  • Securing the areas in which you ferret will be running around in – making sure they cannot get into hazardous, precious areas or things or so that they cannot run away.

  • Free roaming
  • A ferret roaming freely around your house or apartment

  • Naked ferret
  • A ferret without a harness when he is outside (normally in an enclosed area that has been ferret proofed)

  • Tube/ tunnelling/ tunnel
  • A tube that they run through (ferrets love tunnelling and running through tubes)

  • Time Out
  • When a ferret has been naughty you can try putting them away in a cat carrier cage for some time out away from all the fun and games.

  • Forever home
  • A home a ferret goes to that guarantees they will be there for the rest of their lives, they will be safe living out their years with their family (which should be every home a ferret goes too!).

  • Nibble
  • When a ferret bites you gently/ playfully

  • RFO
  • Short for Responsible Ferret Owner

    Also, as part of ferret owner language/ ferret dictionary you can add 'F' to any word and it automatically becomes a ferret word! eg. Farent

    If you have any other words to add to this ferret dictionary please let me know on the Contact Us page. Hope you liked this ferret dictionary! :)

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