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Ferrets are very intelligent creatures, therefore they are not satisfied doing the same old things over and over again. As with any pet games it is important to be creative and to come up with new and exciting things for them to do.

Always think about what new ferret game your fuzzies would enjoy playing and how you can make sure you keep their minds active and stimulated. The more you stimulate a ferrets mind the happier and greater quality life it leads (as with any pet).

Always make sure that you supervise your fuzzbutt during playtime so that he/she does not get hurt or do something silly (that might end up with your tears over an empty wallet after a ferret vet visit).

Ferret Games – ideas:

  • Come up with new homemade ferret toys

  • Make the bed – ferrets love playing under the covers when you’re making the bed, it’s very entertaining to watch

  • Ferret tease – dangle a cloth above their heads and make them chase it and try to catch it (let them catch it from time to time!)

  • Play ball – some ferrets love to chase after balls and some don’t, depends on the model...

  • Fill a container with either: rice, dirt, water or leaves – make sure the rice is not instant (it swells in their bellies), and do not make a container too deep that they can’t get out if you are filling it with water (you don’t want fuzzy to drown!).

  • Hide treats around the house – make sure these are healthy treats and make sure that if stashed they won’t go off and stink up your house...don’t be fooled...they will be stashed!

  • Flying ferret – gently throw your ferret onto a soft bed or couch (make sure they land softly!), some ferrets love this game and will keep coming back for more...but always judge by their reaction and do not persist if fuzzy is scared or annoyed.

  • Ferret bowling – if you are lucky enough to have wooden floors you can slide your ferret across them. Be gentle!

    Ferrets find this game very amusing...unfortunately there are non ferret people that think this game classifies under animal cruelty but they obviously don’t know what ferrets are like! Always be careful not to throw your ferret around too hard and leave it alone once it has had enough...IF it ever has enough...they love it!

  • Ferret squirt – get a squirt bottle and fill it with clean water and squirt your ferrets, some will love trying to catch the water in their mouths...others will turn their back on you.

  • These are just some suggestions of ferret games and hopefully you will feel inspired to come up with some more!

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