The FUN starts! Choose the Ferret Names.

Ferret lying down

If you like this page then here are two pages that might inspire you with choosing your ferret names:

The best names are the ones that really suit the pet's personality, behavior or a certain characteristic/ feature that they have.

We chose to name our female ferret Binxi because she was so little when we got her and her ears looked like pixie ears. At first I wanted to name her Pixie however, I already had a mouse of the same name so I changed it around a little and made up a name that is very original. Binxi is the perfect name for her because it is as cute as she is.

As for the male , when we saw him we knew pretty much straight away that his name was going to be Bear. He was so huge, fluffy and cuddly that any other name would just not fit as nicely. And it really has turned out to be the ideal name.

If you want to come up with something original and different there are many sources you can use as inspiration. Here are a few examples:

  • Look through a dictionary

  • Have a look at baby name books

  • If you have a favorite movie why not naming your fuzzy after the main character?

  • If you have more than one ferret try using a theme eg. pumpkin, potato,zuchini (Im sure you can come up with something better than that!)

  • Have a favorite book? look in it to see if you can find the perfect name in there.

Don’t be afraid to come up with names, use your imagination and think of something new, however, if you are a little stuck then here are a few that can inspire you.

Good luck!