Ferret Of The Month May 2011 goes to Jasper!

Jumping Ferret

Ferret Of The Month May 2011 goes to Jasper!Happy Ferret Of The Month Goofy One!!! Congratulations for being the first to win the ebook ' 101 Ferret Games & Homemade Ferret Toys '!!!

Congratulations to Caitlyn Perdrisat and her boy Jasper for winning this comp. This is a fantastic photo that shows how crazy ferrets really are.

I simply love it!

Here is what Caitlyn had to say:" Jasper is such a goof and he passes it onto his children. I own one of his sons and hes just as nuts.He happy dances all over the trampoline. Hes so adorable. Coz ones hes had a play he just wants a snuggle"

Thanks for sharing!

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