Make a Ferret Shelter Donation Today!

Here you can make a ferret shelter donation and help some poor little ferrets and their awesome carers out. Looking after stray, abused or surrendered ferrets is a very costly operation so any help is greatly appreciated.

Here are some links to the shelters in need of help (you don't actually donate through this website, your taken to the shelters website).

Why make a ferret shelter donation?

  • It's an act of kindness and you will feel good because of it!
  • You will help the selfless carers who put in their own time and money to save ferrets
  • You will help pay for food, medications, operations, bedding, toys of the ferrets and running costs of the shelter such as electricity and water bills
  • You will help turn an unfortunate ferrets life into the great life it deserves!
  • If you believe in karma and you donate to a shelter then you will definitely have some good karma coming your way!
  • Please make a ferret shelter donation today and help give all the furbabies the life that they deserve! :)

    Greater Chicago Ferret Association