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Here are some really remarkable ferret stories that some of the ferret owners from the Ferret-World Facebook page were nice enough to share (Thanks guys!). Some of them will bring a tear to you eye and others will put a smile on your face :)If you have a remarkable ferret story to share then join the Facebook page and tell us about it! We are all suckers for ferret stories!

White ferret

By Micah
"Well not to much for his story but .... I always wanted a ferret and my fiance finally decided to get me one, so we went to the pet store and I had a choice between Alvin (white ferret) or this dark ferret. So I went with the dark ferret wh...ich is Simon. I was so in love with Alvin though that I was going to make sure I got him when I got enough money. So maybe about 2 weeks or 3 I went back and he was still there! So I grabbed him as fast I could and Simon and Alvin became like best friends! I sold Simon a little after which I regret and Alvin got sick. He stopped eating and playing and he didnt even want to go outside anymore. When I took him outside he would just want me to hold him. So I got a little girl ferret but she didnt help him. So I knew what I had to do. I tracked down the guy that I sold Simon too and offered him $200 and to buy him another ferret and he accepted! So I meet up with the guy a week after I talked to him and got Simon back, Alvins best bud! Right when I put Simon and Alvin together they went at it and just started chasing each other all over the place. So ... thats how Alvin got his best friend back! ♥"

Below is a photo of the best two buds reunited again :)

Two ferrets

Ferret in bowl

By Ren
"Hi. Dad said I should tell you bit about me. Well, as you can see I am very cute. I am nearly a year old now and this photo is about 6 months old. My name is REN and I have a brother called STIMPY. My hobbies include annoying Bubbles the c...at, taking the humans for a walk. I live indoors and I let the humans stay indoors with me. I collect socks, bits of paper and something that the humans seem to laugh about is my collection of bodyform packets that I find in mums handbag! Anyway I am off to eat an egg now. See you soon Ferret-World. x x luv from REN"

Thank you for sharing you ferret story Ren! You do sound very cute :)

Ferret in tunnel

By Tasia
"This is Neelix ♥ we don't know exactly how old he is as we got him as a rescue from the sspca, but they think hes around three. We got him last summer (we'll have had him a year in June) we already had three ferrets when we saw Neelix (previously called Henry) and we fell in love with him, he seemed very different and we just had to go and get him. When we brought him home he was so friendly and loved nothing more than human attention and didn't really bother about other ferrets but loved a good cuddle from us. Two weeks later we noticed a lump on his back and took him straight to the vet, two days later they decided to do surgery as the lump had traveled to his head. We got the shock of our lives when we went to pick him up and they showed us the bullet that had been in his head, he had been shot! (will show you a photo off him after the op in a minute) He made a full recovery and is his usual self! He does love life's luxuries and loves living in the warm living room with fluffy carpet but in the nice weather he loves going outside and running about on the grass, and also the snow we found out in the winter! He really is one in a million and unlike our other ferrets has never bitten us! He has a wonderful personality and will lie in your arms for near an hour at night sleeping while watching the telly. He had a bad start in life but hopefully he never needs to face anything like that again now living with us ♥"

A couple of photos of Neelix post surgey are shown below.
Ferret surgery Ferret surgery

Dog and ferret

By Kerrie
"Noodle and Prue :) They love each other so much they are best buds when Prue is out Noodle is not far behind hehe (Noodle is the dog lol). We only had prue for about a week and she's attacthed herself to mums chihuahua as if its her mum... prue follows him all ooover the house. Prue is only 6 weeks old."

Ferret Swimming

By Ashley
"This is my girl Honey. She was going to be euthanised at 12weeks old for being "too feral to tame" at my local RSPCA, a friend that works there told me about her an I knew I wanted her instantly. I thought she deserved a chance to be loved. RSPCA staff are told not to talk about animals that are going to be killed so my friend could've... gotten into trouble. I just said I had seen her in the cage when I was looking for a mate for Digger and as I had worked there knew what not being available for adoption actually meant. It took some convincing and interogating of my friend but eventually managment relented and agreed to desex her an let me adopt...That was just over a year ago and although she was a horror at first she is now a lovely little girl that love shoulder rides with dad and snorkelling in every water container...

Patience, love and not letting her get what she wanted when she was biting, she usually bit to be let go of but we just kept holding her till she did the sigh and then we gave her a kiss and let her go. She gives kisses to get down now.

I love her and am very glad I got her. They didn't even let me see her when I picked her up, just tossed her in a carrier. about 3 weeks after I got her the person that decided she needed euthanising was at my work and actually told me she was annoyed she hadn't gotten to euthanise her cause she was such a horrid girl. when I complained to the management they just ignored me..."

Thanks for all the great ferret stories guys!

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