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  • Ferret talk - what would your little carpet shark say?

    Ever thought about what a fuzzy would say if it could talk human? Well our ferret owners have answered this on Facebook...Im going to call it Ferret Talk.

    So this was one of the questions that I asked on Facebook and here are the reply's...I was bursting out with laughter whenever I read them and thought to myself 'this is gold...I have to share it with the world!' Im hoping it will put a smile on other people's faces too. Enjoy the ferret talk! :)

    Facebook Question: If your Ferret could speak human...what would it say? :) bit o' fun!

    Cheryl: Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie my treats .. Please and no it wasnt me , it was my brother that missed the litter box and aimed for the corner of the room. Sis and I are little ladies.

    Clinton K: ha easy, Fudge would say "hold me. feed me" Honey would say "free me free me" Loki would ask "what's going on" and my wee Caramel wouldn't say a thing she'd just cuddle up and sleep :) and to think a year ago I was ferretless

    Sherry H: "Here's my favorite toy - oh play with me, play with me, oh yes, there you go, I love to play.... hey, what's that over there?"

    Siobhan O: Oooo toes! nom nom nom =S

    Amanda R: me me me!!!!! :)

    Dina W: Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine even thats MINE Gimmie NOW ;-))

    Julie C: I love you mommy... :)

    Ferret-World: haha these are great guys!Here is my ferret talk - Sammy would say...ooohhhh yeah thats the spot...ooohhhh yeah right behind the shoulder blades....yeah that feels goooood...ok you can stop now...Feed ME!

    Binxi would say...bah don't know what all this hussle and bustle is about to get attention...when I want it all I have to do is nip! Hi hi...

    Bear would say...oh mummy I love you so much...oy yes I do...thats right Im talking to you brown eyes...yes oooohhh I loooooove you sooooo much. ... Haha :)

    Autumn G: Yahtzee would be "feed me if you dare." Dibbs I have a feeling would be a smart aleke/can't say in public.

    Rose H: Socks would say...Ankles & feet..Ankles & feet if I dont get to bite ankles and feet RIGHT NOW, then i WILL wrap around & nip at your toes ! not to mention steal your 'socks' and hide them from you....then he would say where's that damn wanna piece of me ? huh Dawg!!!! then he would kiss me and go to sleep, eat,sleep ,eat sleep and another round of ankles and feet . kinda like a dog that chases cars...LOL

    Kaycee L: Ickis: "Oh.....ohhhh, mommy don't squeak that squeaky toy, you KNOW I'll come to you, I just wanna wrestle with Oblina, but...but....AWWWW DANG IT!! I gotta go get the TOYY!! Screw you Oblina." and "Oh, I like to bite those fuzzy socks of yours. They taste good!" and "Oh, please take me for a car ride? I like to stick my head out the window and the cars go by!!"

    Oblina: "Oh, Ickissss, you handsome muscly ferret you, pay attention to MEEE!!" "Please give me all the treats? I've been a good little ferret" (though not really. lol)

    Norbert: "No mommy, no!! Don't tickle the belly!!" "I don't want to play with you!! I'm gonna war dance away from you!!" "What the hell woman, why are you so CWAAZZZYYY!??"

    Daggett: "Dooo deee doooo....mommy!! Eh...don't want to walk all the way to you....I just...just....plop down here, no...walk no...tired.." "Not the bath tub!! NOOOO!!"

    Too many funny moments with ours, I always narrate their thoughts. Guess you could call me crazyy... =P

    Becca S: Pandora: It's mine...all of it! Just one more chicken? Loki: Where's my sister? I wanna bite her... and steal her chicken.

    Rebecca A: awww if my fuzzies would talk all I would hear was mummy snuggle me kiss me play with me i love you mummy hehehehehe

    Christine M: iI mine could talk, yuki would say, look at me I'm cute, you have to cuddle me I'm so cute. and kyo would say mine, its mine, the sock is all mine.

    Rhuma S: 'leave me aloneeeeeeeeeeee Im tireeeddddddddddddddd mummmmmmmmmmmmmmm!' and the other ones would be more like 'let me out! lets PLAY! :D!"

    Ferret-World: I think I have nearly wet my pants from laughter!!! Soooo funny!Great ferret talk! hahaha :)


    Trish: DINA--YES MINE MINE MINE HAHAHAHAHA an ohhh whats in the bag --- weeeeeee yiipppeeee---summersaulting backwards

    Lori D: Where's my snackie? Can we play next? When we're done can we cuddle? What's that you brought with you? Where have you been? I want some of that.......but my favorite is, Here's your kisses mommy

    Ferret-World: Some more ferret talk from me -hrmph...hrmph...whoa? w.h.a.t happen...what the fudge?! I was in my cage sleeping a second ago now..? How the hell did I end up in your arms? HUH?!!! HUHHHH!????

    Heather G: Buffy- You just stand still while I climb up you and sit on your I will give you kisses... owww I want to get down, nowww. Bindi- hahah I just ate everyones mice... Ozzie- she ate my mouse, booohooo, can we play now, let me out, I want to practice climbing the curtains some more..

    Diane K: "that's mine...and that's mine...and so is that... and if that finger comes anywhere near my face I'm having that too...."

    Becca S: I'll kick your dog's @ss!

    So how do you like this ferret talk? Its pretty funny isn't it?! If you have something to add to this ferret talk then join us on Facebook!

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