Ferret Vomiting - bad news?

Ferret vomiting is not a good thing. It could happen from several reasons:

• Eating bad food
• An intestinal blockage
• Infection of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract

If vomiting is accompanied by pawing at the mouth this could indicate stuck foreign bodies (such as a bone or piece of toy). Sometimes the item that your ferret swallowed will come back up with vomit. If it does come back up then the vomiting should stop.

However, if it is an intestinal blockage then it will need to be surgically removed. If you don’t go to the vet to get it surgically removed then your ferret might die (that’s a sad thought). If you have the suspicion that your fuzzy has eaten something it shouldn’t have and it has gotten stuck then take him straight to the vet.

Some signs to look out for are:

• Vomiting anything that fuzzy eats or drinks
• Not interested in food
• Looks sad, tired and depressed
• Squinty eyes and not interested in you

Some things that could cause intestinal blockage are:

• Sponges
• Foamy things
• Rubber
• Carrots and other hard foods (Ferrets are meet eaters they cant digest veggies, they simply don’t have the enzymes in their stomachs to do so)
• Cloths
• Anything else that is not part of your ferret’s natural diet.

If it is bad food that your ferret has eaten, causing vomiting, then make sure you don’t give him/her the same batch of food again.

In fact if you have a ferret vomiting then make sure you DON’T feed it any food, this could make the situation even worse (you can offer some water but if it does not want it then don’t force it), the best thing to do is to take your baby to the vet.

Ferrets can become very dehydrated and may need to be put on a drip. Don’t let you fuzzy suffer for long – always have a vets number on hand.

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