Fiesta Potatoes!

by Fiesta's mom
(Marion, Ohio, USA)

Fiesta Potatoes

Fiesta Potatoes

Fiesta Potatoes Fiesta Potatoes, Queso, and Salsa (start at top left and go clockwwise) Fiesta Potatoes, Mocha Java (silver), and Creamer (albino) Fiesta and his new love: his crockagator!

In April of 2010 a little ferret was found wondering alone in Lakewood, Ohio. A woman spotted him roaming her yard and took him in for a few days. She tried to find his family, but had no luck! Being unable to keep him herself, she called the local ferret rescue and Crystal came and picked him up. Just before she left, the woman's 3 year old son held him one last time and named him Francis.

Francis Ferret was a cuddler and a smoocher who loved to stick his tongue up peoples' noses! I think he found it funny. While at Crystal's house, he made friends with two girl ferrets, Topanga and Honey, who loved to kick him and make him sleep on the floor (oh, those wily jills!). Eventually Francis went to another couples home to be babysat for a week before going to Diane's place to meet some people who wanted to adopt him. A mother and daughter came to see him with the daughter's two ferrets: Mocha Java (the science ferret!) and Creamer (the toy monger!). They couldn't take him home that day, but came back the next weekend for him. The couple who had babysat him wanted him too, but he was already promised away.

On June 5th, 2010, Francis Ferret was reborn as Fiesta Potatoes! He still loves to give kisses and slurp the inside of peoples' noses! He is my little 'Tatoman (aka 'Taters aka FP aka Rotten 'Taters..etc). He now has 2 brothers named Queso and Salsa, who love to steal his toys and wrestle with him. He is a rescue shelter success story! Just 3 months after being adopted he went to the Buckeye Bash ferret show and came home with 3 ribbons! While I am away at college, my mom takes care of the trio and I come home every chance I get!

Oh, but I almost forgot to mention! Sadly, Mocha Java the Science Ferret (she's on this site too) and Creamer both went to rainbow bridge last summer. Creamer died of a bleeding tumor most likely brought on by insulinoma (he already had adrenal disease since he was 1; 4/17/05-7/8/2010) and Mocha Java died from insulinoma at the ripe old age of 9 (8/23/01-8/29/2010). Fiesta loved his brother and sister and misses them, but his new brothers keep him very busy! That and protecting his precious crockagator from them!

And that's the story of Fiesta Potatoes! He has the best friends imaginabeable on facebook and he's my sweet little chocolate ferret who wants nothing more out of life than to kiss and cuddle and have a dooking good time!...and chase the cats....

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Mar 10, 2011
by: Fiesta Potatoes

Mommy forgotz tah put meh bootiful Lilly on der! :'( She meh sweet Valwentine! Meh wuv meh Lilly!

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