Homemade Ferret Bed - Shhh they're sleeping!

Sleeping ferret

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Ferrets sleep for the majority of their lives so a cosy homemade ferret bed would go down great with your fuzzy.

How do you make a bed you ask?

Well it’s a lot simpler than what you might think. Ferrets are really not that fussy when it comes to their bedding, as long as the bedding is good enough to snuggle up in then you’re in for a winner.

One thing to remember however is not to use wood chips or wood shavings in your ferrets cage, the dust from this material gets lodged in their lungs and can cause some serious health conditions later on in life.

Also, ferrets are not guinea pigs or hamsters (rodents) so don’t treat them as such, they are more like dogs and cats…would you put wood shavings in their cage? NO!

If you think that it is perfectly normal to use wood shavings in your ferrets cage then I would suggest you put some wood shavings on the ground, put your nose where a ferrets nose is (right near the ground) and breath as per usual… how much dust did you just inhale? It’s not very pleasant, is it?!

Here are some ideas that you can use as a homemade ferret bed.

    • A clean old towel – just watch out that they don't eat the material, it could get lodged in their intestines (some ferrets are more prone to eating odd things than others, so keep an eye out on them).

    • One of your (no longer used) jumpers – they will love snuggling and tunnelling through the sleeves, it will also provide a lot of warmth.

    • A pillowcase – you can stich/sow some pieces of sturdy string/rope to the edges and make a hammock!

    • Old smelly shoes – they LOVE the smell and love the dark, tight surroundings the bigger the shoe the better.

    • Old smelly socks – as above.

    • Old blankets – just make sure your ferret’s nails are trimmed and don’t catch on the material…otherwise they can get hooked.

    • A shoe box with a hole cut out and stuffed with paper strips – oh so cosy!

    • Old newspapers cut up in strips – no dust, yet keeps them nice and warm…also very cost efficient.

    • A basket with a pillow and blankets inside – so snugly and warm!

    • Old slippers – if you no longer need them then recycle them and give them to your ferrets.

    • Cut up some pants – and use the leg bit to make a hanging sleeping bag. Stich one end up so that they cant get out, leave the other one open and attach some string to this side so that you can attach it to their cage. Just make sure you use a wider part of the pants so that they can actually fit into it (stretchy, warm material is the best).

    • Have a look at some ferret bedding you can buy in stores – if you’re a wizz at sowing then you might be able to recreate it at a cheaper cost!

    Whatever you choose to use just make sure it will make a safe homemade ferret bed. Make sure they will not eat it or hurt themselves playing with it. Other then that…just be creative and walk around your house to see what else you can find.

    If you have any other suggestions you would like to share with everyone else then let me know and I will put it up.

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