my gawjus little girl summer

by letiesha taylor

me and my baby :)

me and my baby :)

my little summer was the most preciousness thing i have ever had for my birthday she made me laf knew when i was upset and always turned my frown up side down, she was totally spoiled rotten never even seen a cage i remember bringing her home and my mum being furious that i had got her 2 minutes with her is all it needed till she her self fell in love with little summer, she made best friends with my dads dog calli where ever calli was summer wasn't far behind, the day came that my sister got a new dog a staffy thinking that theyd get on just as good i cant help but blame my self for what happend and could never forgiv my self if i had only kept her in the room with me and not shut out side my room where the new dog was wondering about she would have still been here, seconds later i heard the most ear tingling scream coming from the living room and ran in as soon as i cud i found my dear little girl hed in the dogs mouth and ran to grab the coller screaming for my brother summer the little fighter ran off and acted like nothing was wrong till i noticed her nose was bleeding and my brother assisted me when she started so stop moving and rushed her to the vets, it is the worst feeling ive ever bin through was when my mum and dad said that the best thing to do for my angle was to let her go the vet was tearing when she was asking what to do next and gave me a few minues alown with her i told my little summer that id always love her no matter were she was and she cuddled up into my arms as to say everything will be fine i left when they took her away i couldent bring my self to watch.

shes always in my hart and always will, love my little summer taylor aged 9 months when passt

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