My Mickie

by My last moments with Mickie

My ferret Mickie was only a baby and she hurt her back leg so I took her out of her cage and had her near me, my other half come home from work he didn't see her and trod on her fracturing her spine in 2 places.

We both freeked out and I just bald as she faught to stay alive for 3 months after the accident she had lost movement in her back legs.

She didnt want to give up but 1 night I came home from work and found her...she had past away.

It was the sadest day. I still have her photos up and will always love the memories I had with her it was a tragic accident and 1 me and my other half still blame ourselfs on if only I hadn't got her out of her cage or my other half if only he had taken his shoes off and watch were he stood we both loved her and always will.

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Aug 31, 2013
Supervise NEW
by: Anonymous

You can get mad but I've just become a parent of 2 of these guys they are like having a few 2 yr. olds.. I have them only in a large room I roll they're cage in kitchen or FRONTROOM ...they get some fresh air.. I let them out while always supervised.always supervised ... That's good you put her to sleep she must have been in alot of pain...

Apr 06, 2013
I sympathize with you NEW
by: Mummyofweasels

Im so sorry for your loss. Ive only lost one ferret, marceline, she was my first. I miss her daily, but it gets better, I promise :)

Jan 05, 2011
omg thats so sad
by: kayla

omg that is soooo sad it honestly made me cry i couldnt stand if that happened to my ferret rico sorry:(:(

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