My Pepster (Pepe)

by Lisa Wolfgang

At Peace

At Peace

My Pepster came to my from a friend who was moving and new I would take care of him. He came BIG an Healthy. He was beautiful. He came to my home in August 2009. He was the loudest dooker in the group. He was very sweet and gentle. He was with the first owner for 4 yrs or so before I got him. Needless to say, he started loosing his hair by November 2009. Got him the implant. He came around nicely. Fur came back as well. A year later he started losing weight. We found out his sugar was 45. He went on a lot of medication. For 3 months he was nursed by me till he just wittle down to nothing. Feed him by syringe, Was a long 3 months. He got plenty of love. The last few days of his life was me diapering him, cleaning him like a new born. He couldn't walk, just move his head. So I had a sling, so I would carry him around in the sling right by my heart, so he can feel mama's heart beat. I really think he held on as long and he could cause he knew I wasn't ready to let him go. I told him on Sunday Feb. 20, 2011, for him to please go that I am ready and it was hard for me to watch him be in the pain he was. Monday morning, there he was, wrapped in his blanket looking at me. So I decided to set him free. I talked to him about it, and we cried together. I took him in to the vets and this was the last picture I got of him. It was the hardest day, EVER. I had 3 others that passed and they were hard as well..but for some reason, Pepe's passing was hard on me.. I love you my Pepster, I miss you soooooo much, fly high. And with every soft breeze I feel on my face, I shall know it's you, flapping your little wings saying that you are ok and you are in no pain, and you are thinking of me. Love you baby !

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