My Ferret History - Binxi. Such a little beauty!

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Apart from the general ferret history I also would like to show you my ferret history and introduce you to my two little babies – Bear and Binxi. They are just so special to us that I feel I must share them with the world. So here it is…


Binxi was my Christmas present from Doug in 2007. I actually found her in the pet shop but as soon as I saw her I fell in love. She was 6 weeks old and the smallest out of her siblings and as soon as she looked at me I just knew that we’d get along just fine. She was so cute! But I also could see that she had a bit of cheekiness about her ( I like my animals to have a bit of attitude).

Now I had to convince Doug to get her for me for xmass (which was about a month away, however, I had no money on me – best solution!) I bolted out of the pet shop, anyone who would have saw me would have thought I had just stole something. My mission was to find Doug and drag him back there before anyone else could take her away from me.

Due to our previous experiences with our last two ferrets (bless their souls) – never let ferrets run under your feet and always walk like your stuck to the ground when they are out, we learnt this the hard way – I thought it might be a little hard for him to make a decision on getting the little one.

After I finally managed to drag him to the pet shop we got to hold her and as soon as he held this tiny, precious, gorgeous creature… she bit him!!!


After a little discussion we figured that they were love bites and we took her home that very day. She was such an adorable little baby, although a little nippy at first, with love and extra care and training she learnt that digging her little teeth into her human friends was not necessarily the best idea when feeling a bit moody. These days she will just turn her back on us when she does not feel like playing and that is fine and we totally respect that. After all every woman has the right to be a bit moody every now and then!

When Binxi is in a good mood she loves pouncing on Bear, diving off the bed and chasing after ping pong balls/ playing ferret soccer. The thing that puts her in an extra good mood is …food.

In winter she gets more on the tubby side due to her extra insulation, when the vet first saw her for a check up he made sure to point this out. Now that spring has come along she has lost all of her extra weight and is looking very lean or as I like to affectionately nickname her… ratty. The reason for this is that her tail has lost most of the winter fluff off it and now looks really skinny and the loss of fat and fluff off the rest of her body has made her ears look huge – therefore she reminds me of a rat. Either way she is still irresistibly cute.

Binxi is such a great addition to our family and we are so happy to be able to provide her with a caring and loving home.

– More timid and shy than Bear
– Very cheeky
– Always hungry
– Only recently came out of her shell to show us she is just as interested in us as she is in Bear.
– Only accepts and respects us…tends to nip everyone else. Naughty girl!
– Loves playing rough
– Very talkative

– has had her first two doses of vaccine
– been de-sexed

That is only one part of my ferret history make sure you read about our other gorgeous ferret.

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