Noah the Great(:

by Jessica Pimentel
(San Antonio,TX)

My name is Jessica. I am 17 and this is noahs story. I am unware of how my aunt came across having noah, but the first day i saw him i fell in love, and never wanted to let him go. The whole day i told my tia how cute i thought he was. Finaly she she said "if you want him take him, and if you cant handle him bring him back." of course im a huge animal lover so i had no intentions on returning him. That night i brought him home. Hes only been with me for 3 months, but hes my family and i adore everything he does. as for the story of his picture, i gave him a bath and he looked puffy bent over the way he was so i took a picture and saw how it looks as if he was going to flip. thank you for listening.(:

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Oct 12, 2015
Cute Noah NEW

Hey! Your Noah is really cute. It's good that you can take care of him properly and you do it. Seems he has an owner that really loves him.

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