Not cleaning properly

by Mike g

One of our ferrets doesn't appear to be cleaning itself properly and is getting messy down below.also it's privates look a bit sore-it is seemingly eating fine.any ideas?


Hi Mike,
This sounds suspicious as normally ferrets tend to be very clean. It could be that its bits are infected from being dirty.

Normally a ferrets stool is a nice consistency (not to soft and runny and not too hard) so it should not stick to the ferrets coat let alone make a mess.

If your ferrets poop is runny then I would suggest taking him/her for a vet check to see what is wrong. Diahorea can occur from lots of different reasons such as change in diet or sickness. It is probably best to consult a vet in this case as from what you have told me it does not seem like the ferret is 100%. Always best to be sure.

Hope that helps


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