Scared Ferret

Hello! I'm thinking about getting a female ferret and i was wondering how they will act when they are scared. I know they hiss with there head down but will they bite in defence or something similar? Thank you for your help!

Answer: Hi there, a scared ferret can react in a few different ways. It can hiss, bite and some even run away. This all depends on the ferrets personality. Some also let out a horrible stink and "screetch" when they are scared. It just depends...if you are scared that a ferret may bite then either...I would suggest that you don't get ferrets can nip even when playing...or get an older ferret from a ferret shelter and ask the people what its personality is like. You could also volunteer in a ferret shelter for a day and see if this is the companion for you?! That way you would have more of an idea of what ferrets are like. They are definitely not pets for the "weak" or for you average person... so to say. :) Hope this helps :)

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