Sleeping Beauty!

by Michael Lawson
(Boise Idaho)

Sleeping Beauty -  GWIN

Sleeping Beauty - GWIN

Sleeping Beauty -  GWIN Jink sleeping upside down on his head Jink seems to think the dogs water and food bowl his his too! Jink,

This our newest little ferret, Gwin. We were able to get her pretty cheap from the pet store because they had her for a few months and longer than the usual few days to a couple weeks. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her. The people working there thought she was ugly. We thought she was the cutest one they had ever had. So obviously she had to finally come home with us. We noticed that since getting her our male, whom we had had for about 9 months, appetite picked up. Guess the little guy needed a girlfriend/sister! lol by the way his name is Jink. They were named from the characters of INK HEART ( they were Martens though)

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Oct 12, 2015
Article NEW

The cutiest ferret I have ever seen. Cannot stand the succumb to praise this little wonderful creature:)

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