Tara, the little ferret who was lost then found!

by Lisa
(Hampton, Virginia USA)

We got our first ferret about 3 years ago, Kirby, he is a wonderful, lovable little guy. I thought that he might like a playmate so I went on craigslist and found an ad about a a ferret that had been abandoned by his humans. The people that had taken her in were feeding her cat food. I jumped at the chance to save the little girl. Once home with us she seemed to adapt to the new home and Kirby. After about 5 months she became a little lethargic so I got her some supplements along with fresh water everyday. Unfortunately I came home home from work one day and she was not moving, she was not deceased at that time because she started making hacking noises, then would fall silent again. I called the emergency vet to see if I could bring her in, but she passed before I got the chance. I know that she is in a better place but I just wish that I could have done something more for her. I have been hesitant about bringing in another ferret due to the sadness her passing brought me. Thankfully Kirby did not go into a depression over her loss. She will forever be in my heart, she was and is now an angel.

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