by eddie
(swaffham uk)

Our first fuzzy came to us 2 yrs ago by way of a friend who got him from a bad home but unfortunately, he was not accepted by my friends two hobs.
Zac was 3 yrs old and the friendliest most gentle ferret i have ever met. Actually he was the only ferret I ever met!

Zac and I spent 3 wonderful months together, playing every day, walking on leads in the evening, even going to work with me! Zac lived with me and my girlfriend Joolz, our daughter Star and bubbles the cat. Although everyone loved Zac, (except Bubbles, who I am told did love him in her own way) Zac and I bonded in a way almost spiritual. He knew my moods and I knew what he was thinking.

One day, i decided to have him injected for distemper. This was by vets advice as I used to walk him in fields where dogs had been.

About a week later i noticed Zac was choking on his food a bit and a rapid weight loss came on. Then a lump developed in his little neck. I took him back to the vets and they gave me some medicine but he got really bad and could not even take the medicine orally. I had Zac taken into animal hospital where they would try steriods, but they warned me hope was slim as lumps were found in his belly. Zac hung on for two more days and i went to visit him. When i saw him and looked into his eyes i realised at once that he was ready to go. I told the vet that its time and said my goodbyes to the boy I loved.

I cried for a month solid and even left his cage as it was. I could not bear to move or dismantle it.

Out of the blue, a friend of mine just happen to mention that his ferrets had just had litters and he needs to find homes for them. I told him about my situation and he invited me over to see them. Joolz, Star and I went over to his place to see the kits, and there he was... a little albi fuzzy with pink eyes just staring into my soul. This little ferret knew I had come to take him home. He clung on to his brother, a little brown and white polecat. Well, we had no choice but to take them both home. Now, a year later, Ren and Stimpy are thriving! They are as happy as can be and run around their home (formally our home!) all day long. They even play with the new addition in the family, a little black cat called Squeak.

Every now and then, i look into Rens eyes and see the love he has, and i sometimes swear i see Zac sayin... "I'm Still Here Dad"

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