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101 Ferret Games & Homemade Ferret Toys

By Courtney Stoker



“I LOVE my ebook!! Thank you so much!” – Vicki V.

Just like humans, ferrets hate being bored, and for the same reason. Boredom is dangerous because it leads to abnormal stress levels. All animals subjected to abnormal stress levels become more likely to have depressed immune systems and become ill more often. A further danger is that boredom leads to abnormal behavior. This can include chewing on things, playing in unpleasant or unhealthy environments like their litter box, or over grooming.

This is why it is important to always come up with new ways to keep your ferret mentally stimulated.

Once upon a time, there lived a little ferret who was sad and bored. He scratched at the carpets, nipped his human friends, rattled his cage and wished for a happier life. His human friends just did not understand how this little ferret could not be content. After all, they took him out everyday for lots of play, fed him nice food and always tried to lift his mood.
However, the little ferret just kept being naughty.

Grrraaaahhhh! – said the humans, who could not take it any longer. What is wrong little ferret? – they asked. What else can we do to make you happy? A rat or a hamster would love your life, but you look like your about to die of boredom or slit your neck with knife!

Well – said the little ferret. First of all I am not a rat nor am I a hamster, but I will gladly eat them for dinner. Stop insulting my supreme intelligence by comparing me with rodents! Secondly, you take me out to play everyday but we do the same old thing anyway. It’s not my fault I am so smart, just like you can’t help to fart! I need my mind to be stimulated, I need variety and fun in my life. My brain craves learning new things and I love to take in everything that life brings.

So please human friend, don’t be fooled by my petit frame. My brain plays in the highly intelligent animal game. I need more to do, I need more variety only then will I be satisfied and happy.

Aha! – the human said. I know exactly what we need. It’s called ‘101 Ferret Games & Homemade Ferret Toys’ by Ferret-World!

Now that sounds more like it! – said the little ferret.

Once the human bought the ebook his little ferret became the happiest little ferret in the world. The human and ferret enjoyed a much closer bond and lived happily ever after.

When you get this ebook and regularly play the games in this ebook with your ferret you may find:

  • Your ferret will be a lot less likely to cause trouble eg. bite, steal things, scratch at the carpet, attack the dog/cat, nip at your toes, etc (because it’s intelligent and highly active mind will be satisfied with all the stimulating play).
  • A mentally stimulated ferret is a lot happier which usually means a longer, happier, more fulfilled life.
  • You will experience a greater, more loving bond with your ferret because you will be a part of all the games and will watch your ferret have fun with the toys.
  • You will find your ferret dooking and war dancing with joy more often because of all the fun it will be having.
  • Your ferret will be more likely to curl up & sleep in your lap after mentally stimulating play because you will wear him/her out with all the fun games and toys!
  • SHIPS WORLDWIDE (Instantly download your PDF eBook from anywhere in the world!)

Keeping your ferret’s mind stimulated is of utmost importance because ferrets are extremely intelligent animals. Without the proper mental stimulation they get bored and start getting into things that they are not supposed to, which is frustrating for the owner. The best way to avoid this is by making sure they always have stimulating games and toys to play with. The good news is that this does not have to cost you an arm and a leg!


For US$17 you will receive 101 ideas for simple toys and games for your ferret – saving you a fortune (Over $1000)! Your ferret will love you for the extra mental stimulation that you will provide him/her!

In this ebook you will find:

  • Great ideas that will keep your ferret BOUNCING off the walls indoors!
  • Splish & SPLASH with Water Games!!!
  • Keep them DOOKING with joy with games and toys for their indoor cage!
  • Watch them WAR DANCE with Games and toys for their outdoor cage!!!
  • Have a LAUGH with Games and toys for YOUR amusement!
  • Prepare the bathtub! You have Dirty and smelly games to choose from(what ferrets like best!)
  • Let them EXPLORE the great outdoors with the outdoor activities section.
  • WHO is SMARTER??? Find out with Ferret vs Human games!
  • BOND and CHALLENGE each other with Advanced games and toys– for people who have the time, skills and patience

“I really enjoyed reading the ebook. The great thing about it is that all the game suggestions can be put together quickly and easily with materials most have somewhere in their house. You don’t actually have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars to have your fuzzies enjoy themselves…I was actually envisioning all the games whilst reading through them and you wouldn’t need a Uni degree to assemble them, the kids could get involved and keep them quiet for a while as well!Great use of space as well – it doesn’t matter if you just want to use 1 room or your entire home for the indoor games.LOVE the water games – they will have so much fun, especially floating on a makeshift raft in the bathtub..Can’t wait to try that one!!!The outdoor suggestions were excellent – I think it will give new ferret owners the confidence to take their fuzzies outdoors on a leash if they have been hesitant…you make it sound like fun and not stressful.The pictures and colours you used to illustrate were brilliant. The ebook is light hearted fun, it’ a GREAT buy and very informative… By the time Ferrants have created, built, played their way through the entirety of the book they will have very happy fuzzbuts on their hands.Such a fun book…I think people will love it. Well done….FUZZIES ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL MAKE YOU THEIR QUEEN….LOL” – Lisa M.

“I LOVE my ebook!! Thank you so much!” – Vicki V.

“Ferret-World ebook: packed full of fabulous games, my ferrets and I have been having a blast trying them all,how can you resist! I can’t wait for the next book, but this one has so many great ideas it may be awhile to think of as many more… – Ashley B.