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Ferret of the Month - Bartleby

Here is one special ferret who is really well looked after by his human friend Amber.This is what she has to say about Bartleby:

“This is Bartleby. He is the “founding ferret” of my rescue. He and his sister were the last two babies in the local pet shop, and had been kept in a small cage for 6 months there – barely any food or water. Its safe to say all 6 of my babies are well fed haha. Bartleby is now a year and a half old and loves being held like a baby while he sleeps. Hes very special to all of us here, my bestest lil buddy.”

He sure is a lucky little guy!!!

Thank you for sharing Bartleby’s story with us Amber and I wish you and all your lovely ferrets a very happy New Year! All the best!!!

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