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Ferret of the Month - Dibb-a-dibb

How cute is this little ferret girl!???? She looks like she is having some really sweet dreams in her little hammock…such an angel…or is she?

Here is her story:

“That’s my “Dibb-a-dibb.” She is Houdini incarnated. She can get out of any cage and any room. I had her about a week when I noticed a strange odor from under the bed. Pulling it out from the wall thinking I was going to just find poop; I was amazed. There were whole slices of pizza, eggrolls, wonton containers and dog food. I don’t know how she made it up on my desk and dragged this stuff down and under the bed. She was only 6-8″ long and 3 months old, at 4 years she only weighs 1.5 pounds. The dog food is from all the way across the house. She must pass through (still never figured out how she did this) a flexi-glass petgate with a latch on the other side; the flexi-glass has no gap anywhere. Walk through the living room and into the ktichen. She must then grab a piece and walk back, just to hide it under my bed. She also got on top of a 7ft entertainment center that we had blocked the back of to keep her from it. She’s been a real joy and I’ve enjoyed every minute of having her. We started watching her more carefully and when we catch her dragging stuff under the bed and we take it away from her she hiss/squeaks and when we succeed, she runs up bites our ankle and hisses again (without running away)! I’m sure there is more than enough here, but I have many many more, as I’m sure all ferret owners do.”

…this little ferret is not such an angel after all! Cheeky little thing!

Thank you Autumn for sharing your photo and story with us…Im sure most people have found this quiet amusing, just as I have.


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