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By Stef

Ferret of the Month - Jasper

Ferret Of The Month May 2011 goes to Jasper!Happy Ferret Of The Month Goofy One!!! Congratulations for being the first to win the ebook ‘ 101 Ferret Games & Homemade Ferret Toys ‘!!!

Congratulations to Caitlyn Perdrisat and her boy Jasper for winning this comp. This is a fantastic photo that shows how crazy ferrets really are.

I simply love it!

Here is what Caitlyn had to say:” Jasper is such a goof and he passes it onto his children. I own one of his sons and hes just as nuts.He happy dances all over the trampoline. Hes so adorable. Coz ones hes had a play he just wants a snuggle”

Thanks for sharing!

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