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Ferret of the Month - Moe

This is Moe Ferret of The Month August and September… by default.

How did this happen, you ask? Well I was on holiday in New Zealand and did not have time to put a new photo up…sorry.

Congratulations Moe (and Suzy)! This little ferret is the fairest of them all for 2 months running! Isn’t he adorable?!

Recently Moe gave Suzy quite a scare when he decided to have a little adventure on his own. When Suzy was not looking he ran off from the back yard and walked around the streets. Luckily some wonderful person found him and took the cheeky little fellow to the nearest vets who then sent him to the pound. When Suzy was calling the vets in the area the next day they directed her straight to the pound where “poor, little, innocent” Moe was sleeping after his big adventure.

Your a naughty little ferret Moe! Don’t scare your owner like that again!

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