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Ferret of the Month - Paige

Ferret Of The Month October 2010 goes to a ferret who like to help its owner with the washing! Paige – happy Ferret of The Month!!!

This was a photo which was uploaded to the Ferret-World Facebook page .

The owner of the Ferret Of The Month September 2010 (Shele)took on the challenge of choosing the winner for this month. She did a fantastic job! Who wouldn’t want a ferret that helps with the washing?

Kerrie (the owner) said that it took a while to get Paige to sit still…really? I thought ferrets always stood still for photos (sarcasm). 🙂

Kerrie has been a fantastic contributer to the Ferret-World community always commenting, posting new photos and telling us about how her lovely ferrets are doing.

Thanks go out to both Paige – for sitting still for this photo and Kerrie for being a great sport.

Congratulations Paige! Happy Ferret Of The Month! Hope you get spoild rotten 🙂

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