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Ferret of the Month - Reno

Ferret Of The Month April 2011 goes to Reno! Happy Ferret Of The Month Ms. April Centerfold!

This is a very cute little girl with a great owner who was kind enough to share a little story about Reno.

“Meet Reno! I’m nominating Reno for Ferret of the month because she is a special girl who just turned five! She is a “RAINBOW” Girl from the Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue and she has blessed our lives for almost 3 years. Reno had exploratory surgery two weeks ago; she had her spleen, left adrenal and abnormal tissue removed. Doc says she’s got lymphoma but she’s not listening! She lives every day to the fullest…getting plenty of beauty rest…having sweet dreams about “bacon” and packing on the ounces with her new duck soup recipe! She’s a really sweet girl and would make a beautiful Ms. April Centerfold!”

Congratulations Susan! You have an adorable ferret and lets hope she sticks around for a while 🙂

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