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Ferret of the Month - Spikey

Ferret Of The Month August 2010 goes to a ferret who loves to jump into the shower with his owner! Spikey – happy Ferret of The Month!!!

This was a photo which was uploaded to the Ferret-World Facebook page and caused a little bit of controversy as some found the (sexy) naked man in the picture a little too much to handle. I think its funny and definitely makes the photo interesting to look at.

Owner Susan said: “he was having a shower and spikey climbed in with him , it was a beautiful shot of the love and trust between animal and owner.”

I must agree! Look at the Spikeys face…he is in total bliss!!!

Special thanks go out to Susan for taking this photo, Spikey and the naked man in the picture. Congratualtions to Spikey for winning title of Ferret of The Month August 2010!!! Hip hip hurray!

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