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Meet The Ferret Of The Month For October...Alaska!

By Courtney Stoker

Meet The Ferret Of The Month For October...Alaska!

From her owner: We call Alaska “the bush kid.” I am a foster carer for any ferrets that come into the local animal rescue centre. One morning I got a phone call from them, asking me a few questions about ferrets. They said that they had a ferret and, as they didn’t have much experience with ferrets, could I care for her until they could find her a home? They found her in the bush and called her Alaska.

I am not sure how long she had been there, but when they found her, she was quite thin had something in her eye, possibly a grass seed. Her eye was infected. Once she was medicated and her infection all but cleared up, I was able to collect her. I reached into her cage, spoke to her, and she proceeded to climb onto my hand. I brought her up to my chest and held onto her. She had a scab and was missing fur from around her eye. Her eye was healing well, and she thankfully she still had her sight. She sniffed me for a while. I figured she was approx 6-8 months old.

She has settled in well; she was quite nippy and still very wary and cautious. I was nip training and regularly medicating her eye. After about a week, I called the centre and told them that I would adopt her. Two years on, she is not biting me anymore although she loves my husbands’ knuckles! She is a loving little girl who lives with her best mate Aria (who is also a rescue). Her fur never grew back around her eye, but that just makes her more unique. She has bonded with me so much now that she will come running when she hears me, climbs my leg, and mooches me. I swear that she thanks me every day for taking her in and giving her a forever home. She’s my bush kid!

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