Dook Dook Ferret Magazine Issue 9



Dook Dook Ferret Magazine is the premiere magazine publication on ferrets worldwide. Its intention is to keep ferret owners in the loop on the latest news in the ferret community, as well as helping them keep their ferrets happy and healthy. Articles are written and checked by knowledgable ferret owners, experts (vets and scientists). 5% of our revenue goes toward helping ferret shelters.

What you’ll read and learn in this issue:

  • Solitary by Nature: Why You Shouldn’t House Ferrets Together by Dr. Hanneke Roest, DVM
  • Solitary by Nature? A Skeptical Response by Dr. Rose-Anne Meissner
  • (Ferret Adrenal Disease Series) Intervention: Medical Treatments for Adrenal Disease
    by Dr. Rose-Anne Meissner
  • How Often Should You Bathe Your Ferret?
  • How to Ferret-Proof Your Home and Yard
  • Don’t Buy These Useless Ferret Products
  • Dr. Hanneke Roest: Ferret Veterinary Specialist in the Netherlands
  • Genetic Variation in Ferrets: Inbreeding and the Ferret Gene Pool by Vina Balasubramanya
    and Dr. Rose-Anne Meissner
  • Featured Ferret Rescue: Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue
  • A Christmas to Remember by Susan E. Jones
  • What Happens to Your Ferret if You Die? By Courtney Stoker