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Eliza Cass

By Stef



I moved into my aunt’s home when I was 18. My aunt’s boyfriend had a ferret and was keeping her in the room next to mine. He never came down to take care of Nova or clean the litter box. The smell had become unbearable, and my poor little girl was so hungry and thirsty. I began to feed her, clean her, and take care of her. Let her out of the cage. Apparently, she used to live in a tiny cat carrier before I moved in. She was neglected so badly that I just couldn’t deal with it. I tried to get her owner more involved, but it failed. He just didn’t care. He was going to give her up and I told him no, I would take her. By then she was my little baby, and I loved her so much. Now she is almost 7 years old, a little elder ferret. Nova and I love each other very much.

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