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What Is The Ferret-World Membership? Q&A

By Stef

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Q: What is the Ferret-World Membership?

A: The Ferret-World Membership is an online Club for people who are passionate about their ferrets health and wellbeing and want to ensure they are doing the best for their fur-babies.

Q: What do I get when I join the Membership?

A: When you become a member you gain access to your very own private online platform. This is where your magazines, forum and bonuses are located and you can access at any time, from anywhere in the world.

  • Dook Dook Ferret Magazine (Online) – The Magazine is the #1 Ferret Magazine in the world, with a worldwide audience. The quality of information of the magazine is second to none. We have expert interviews, Q&A’s with Vets, science backed articles, competitions, fun and games and much more. Let’s just put it this way, whenever I have told people I run a ferret magazine, they would generally have a laugh, until I show it to them…then they know, I’m serious. When it comes to curating the magazine, we only work with the best writers, editors and designers and that reflects in the quality and credibility of the magazine. Myself and the Editors uphold the highest standard for the magazine as we are committed to delivering the best information to our Members, so that their ferrets can live happier and healthier lives (this is our mission). When you become a Member you receive 6 issues of Dook Dook Ferret Magazine Per Year.
  • Ferret-World Forum – We just launched the new Ferret-World Forum and are very excited to be able to host this in our online Member portal. The reason why I decided to launch the forum is because I noticed that some people hesitate to post in groups on social media channels as there can be a lot of bullying that goes on, inexperienced people might provide others with the the wrong information and also, there seems to be a general distrust towards social media companies at the moment. Therefore the Ferret-World Forum was created where your information is kept private, the forum is moderated by experienced ferret owners and any inappropriate behaviour is absolutely not tolerated. We are looking forward to watching the forum grow!
  • Ferret Club Community – We do also have a Private Facebook Group where Members are able to join a safe, helpful, education and support orientated space, for those that are happy to participate on social media. This is a wonderful bonus and we love getting to know you on there too.
  • Exclusive Bonuses – When you sign up to the Ferret-World Membership you also get exclusive bonuses because…who doesn’t like getting special gifts? 🙂 The current bonuses include the 101 Ferret Games and Homemade Toys eBook, the Poop Patrol eBook, Ferret First Aid And Emergency Care eBook and Videos, and you also get a few surprise back issues of Dook Dook Ferret Magazine.

How many members are there so far?

The Membership has been around for about 2 years now and we have over 571 Members in the Ferret-World Membership and growing!

What is the membership fee?

You can either choose to pay a yearly or a monthly fee. We’ve done this so that the Membership is accessible to all people. The yearly fee is USD$67 and the monthly fee is USD$7.

Why do you charge in USD?

We charge the fee in USD because the large majority of ferret owners in the world reside in the US. So it makes sense to charge in USD.

If you would like to become a Ferret-World Member, join the biggest ferret owner club in the world and receive incredible value, then find out more about how you can become a member! We look forward to seeing you over on the other side and learning more about you and your ferrets!

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