Baby Ferret War Dance. Cuteness overload!

Watch this baby ferret war dance for the first time ever. It honestly does not get any cuter than this!

This baby ferret war dancing is a sure sign that this little one is brimming with excitement and is full of happy energy! Look at the fluff ball go! Can't stop him! ;)

The 'War Dance' as ferret guardians (farents) like to call it, is a sign of happiness, playfulness and fun in ferrets. It's how they express their excitement during play time. 

When an older ferret 'War dances' it will often bounce off walls, crash into furniture, jump sideways, backwards and then sideways again (much to the entertainment of their Farent or ferret parent). It really does make you laugh a lot! That is one reason why Farents like to say that ferrets are better then anti depressants. There is never a dull moment when ferrets are around!

However, a baby ferret version of the 'war dance' is slightly more subdued due to the fact that not all of its muscles are developed yet, it hasn't practiced enough, its still finding its balance and it hasn't found its 'War Dance' style yet. 

By the looks of it, this little guy is definitely on the right track to being a 'War Dance' superstar when it grows up though. 

Hmmmm that gives me an idea...I think we should start the ferret War Dance Olympics! Who's in? :)

Check out the war dance below and don't forget to share the page with all your friends so it can put a smile on their faces too.

Dook dook!

Watch the cute baby ferret war dance below :)

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